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A Brief History of the Wedding Dress

A Brief History of the Wedding Dress

When it comes time to start searching for your sample wedding gown, you may be wondering how you can find a style amidst the numerous designs that are in line with your personal taste.

Through the decades, bridal fashion has taken twists and turns in terms of symbolism, colors, and silhouettes. In modern times, the “white gown” remains constant. But where did it begin? And is it the status quo?

Here’s a look into wedding dress trends through the years to help you decide what kind of sample gown best satisfies your unique fashion taste.

Gowns Throughout the Years


The Western world attributes the popularization of the white wedding dress to the stylish Queen Victoria. During her wedding to Prince Philip in 1840, Queen Victoria, known as a rather important fashion icon of the time, wore a white silk-satin gown detailed with lace at the neckline and sleeves. 

Not only did Queen Victoria set the trend of brides wearing white for weddings, but she also made it a commonality to re-wear your gown. 

White Gowns in the USA


Come the 1900s, the white gown trend had made its way across the Atlantic. During these years, brides commonly wore s-shaped corsets to accentuate that hourglass physique while maintaining modesty with high necklines, long sleeves, and gloves. 


A decade later in 1910, we began to see wedding traditions that are still applied today. This includes a lifted hem, which made it way easier for the bride to get groovy on the dance floor. Makeup also became a commonality for the bridal look during this time. 



When it comes time to find your dream dress, whether it is a sample gown or not, just remember that all fashion trends travel full circle

The cool thing about bridal fashion is that anything goes- it’s all about your personal style and taste! Whether you want to wear a pastel pink pantsuit or stick to a traditional white A-line, it’s your day to shine.

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